Pool House by +tongtong Architects

For today’s architectural inspiration we’re travelling across the globe to Toronto, Canada to visit a contemporary conversion of a 1950’s pool house. The pool house sits at the rear of an existing home, and architects +tongtong wanted to create a multifunction, open space that could be easily transformed from a pool house to a guesthouse, to an entertainment space, to a work studio to event space.

To emphasise the pool house’s mid-century modern language, the flat roof was accentuated by bringing the roofline forward, creating a floating brow. All the windows were pushed flush to the ceiling to articulate the plane of the roof and offer sunlight while providing privacy for guests. Formerly made of stone, the exterior cladding was relined with lighter and warmer cedar slats, which blend beautifully with the surrounding woodland. The focal point – the oval pool – was re-imagined without changing its shape, remains a key throwback to the 1950’s.

Architectural elements aside, it’s the furnishing and finishes on this conversion that really grab your attention. Unique chairs and lounges show a great acknowledgement of the 1950’s heritage of the building, while a single long table keeps ties the design nice and balanced. The whole interior, and design for that matter, is testament to the saying ‘less is more’.


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