Peroni Firenze Leather Bound Book Box Reveals Hidden Whisky Decanter Set

Purveyors of the world’s finest footwear, Double Monk, aren’t as well known for retailing exquisite accessories, however, this is likely to change by the end of this article. Recently the team featured this incredible Peroni Firenze whisky box and crystal decanter set and I just had to share it.

For the man who needs a dram more discreet than the bar in a globe, comes the bar in a pile of leather-bound books – what can only be described as the ultimate desk accessory.

Leather Book Whisky Decanter Set

The handmade box by Peroni Firenze opens to reveal a space for a crystal decanter and four glasses, “For the man who has everything and will stop at nothing.”

Fratelli Peroni was formed in 1956 by brothers Piero and Roberto Peroni. Both men had a passion for traditional Italian leatherworking and dreamed of producing the very best that their many generations of craftsmanship could offer. Nowadays, Peroni represents the highest expression of the ‘cuoio artistico fiorentino’, with the colouring, shaping and finishing of the leather all done entirely by hand. Anyone with a passion for beautiful handcrafted objects should own a Peroni masterpiece.

Leather Book Whisky Decanter SetLeather Book Whisky Decanter SetLeather Book Whisky Decanter SetLeather Book Whisky Decanter Set

Feature Image by Double Monk. Head to Double Monk to purchase.


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