Permanent Style by Simon Crompton

Since our launch men’s style has probably been our most featured topic on the website. I think it’s important to give credit where credit is due and no man deserves more credit in the area of men’s style than Simon Crompton, the man behind Permanent Style. Permanent Style has been around for about 5 years and recognised as one of the world’s most influential mens style blogs. Simon believes in men investing in quality and timeless tailoring that aren’t part of the latest trend.

To back up his flawless tailoring coverage he offers a lot of seriously useful advice for budding menswear enthusiasts everywhere, take for example today’s post – how a shirt should fit and recently, rescuing shoes. There’s always plenty of great tips you can apply to getting dressed every morning and interesting articles about how luxury goods are sourced and made, from custom leather bags to your favourite Drake’s tie.

Permanent Style is a site for men, it appreciates that men prefer classic style, not trends and more importantly that men really appreciate the intricate processes behind the items we invest in and wear. Simon has also written a lovely pocket guide to tailoring called ‘Le Snob Guide to Tailoring‘, cracking beside/coffee table addition. Bravo Simon.

All photos taken from Permanent Style!

The only place in the world you'll find a double breasted seersucker.

Michael Browne of Chittleborough & Morgan. Permanent Style: the only place in the world you’ll find a double breasted seersucker.

True seven fold ties.

True seven fold ties.

IMG_2112net (1)

A great post from 2012 simply entitled: ‘Buy good English Shoes’.


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