Penny Skateboards

Penny Skateboard’s take skating back to its roots by introducing an old school design while leveraging new school technology and parts. As a keen surfer I’ve always enjoyed the likeness that skating has to the surf, drawing out turns or drifting the tail as you skate down a perfectly smooth road is the perfect distraction for those flat summer days.

Penny Skateboards have revived a part of skating history that was otherwise fading away. Some of the earliest plastic skateboards were created in 1973 by Larry Stevenson, a former Venice Beach lifeguard, who developed a line of plastic boards for his brand Makaha. In the 1990s, other plastic skateboard brands such as Stereo Skateboards, Krooked Skateboards and Globe emerged on the plastic skateboard market. But it was Australian Ben Mackay who in 2010 started Penny skateboards shone a new light on the plastic skateboard category by pairing a high quality plastic deck with cruiser wheels and trucks. Originally named after his Sister, the combination now epitomises a “Penny board” in generic terms.

The versatile gent penny skateboards

Mackay’s early designs drew on his woodworking skills handed down from his father, however the concept for the plastic skateboard started when he began experimenting with different shapes and board styles that veered away from timber. From fibreglass to carbon fibre, Mackay tried is all, however it was the signature durable and responsive plastic that we see today that caught his attention, and its this strength and durability that sets Penny apart from other types of plastic boards.

The versatile gent penny skateboards

The Penny comes in both a 22” and 27” length. The 22” can be intimidating at first, hardly long enough to fit two feet on, however I’ve been proved very wrong by many people that grown man can skate these, and rip on them. Being 194cm with size 11 feet I felt more comfortable on the 27” board, or as I like to call it, ‘the ultimate surf check mobile.’ The boards come in a myriad of colours and styles, head to their site to check them out. Get cruisin’.

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