No CommonScents: Penhaligon’s Monsieur Beauregard

When it comes to colognes, I’m no expert. Just a punter with a serious appetite for all things redolence. Introducing Penhaligon’s Monsieur Beauregard, part of the Portrait’s Collection. 

This is by far and away, the best perfume I own! Allow me to explain why.

Penhaligon’s was established in 1870 and has since matured into one of England’s most distinguished and dignified perfume houses. Inspired by the past and committed to the future, their products share timeless elegance which respects a rich history whilst acknowledging a very contemporary taste for exclusivity.

At the forefront of their vast collection of fragrances lies the jewel in their crown, The Portrait’s Collection.

Penhaligon's Monsieur Beauregard

The range itself beautifully paints a picture of the Regal British upper class during the turn of the 20th century. Each perfume is characterised by an important member of a family as well as their close friends and foes. The marketing team at Penhaligon’s paint this picture by identifying each fragrance as an animal which they feel fits their characters best.

Now although I am intrigued by the entire narrative within Portraits, I am completely enthralled with their French debonair friend ‘Monsieur Beauregard’. Portrayed by the rooster (for good reason), this scent fits the character perfectly.

Base notes of Cinnamon and Tonka Bean is such a sweet but warm opening. The heart notes of sandalwood and orris root, dry down perfectly with a lemon and pink pepper finish.

Penhaligon’s Monsieur Beauregard my kind of scent. A unisex fragrance with a mild silage and a moderate strength. It is not obnoxious when you walk into a room but just perfectly strong enough that people will notice immediately as soon as you are near.

Penhaligon's Monsieur Beauregard

Not only is this my favourite scent in the collection but it is my favourite bottle also. The Penhaligon’s iconic bottle with thick glass bottom is powerfully topped with the golden animal head; in this case the Coq! The box perfectly illustrates this regal British countryside in black and white with splashes of colour.

At a hefty $335 I was pretty chuffed to be given Penhaligon’s Monsieur Beauregard as a gift, but I have to say I would fork out for another bottle as it is worth every penny.

‘Scent’sationally yours,
Mitch. D
The Cologne Ranger

You can purchase Penhaligon’s Monsieur Beauregard in our webstore here

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