Penfolds Drop Grange 2013 Vintage

Penfolds is arguably Australia’s most attractive and invited guest. An unbroken line of production since the 50’s, coupled with worldwide acclaim and superior processes has the Adelaide outfit sitting pretty at the top of the Australian industry. Last week they released the new Grange 2013 vintage and chief winemaker Peter Gago puts this years volume “a whisker ahead” of the critically acclaimed 2012 drop that had mouths watering when we gave it away last year.

Penfolds Grange 2013

For the patient investor or collector, throwing this one on the rack (in full view mind) may be the savviest choice, with the added benefit that Grange generally drinks best 15 years or later down the line. The 63rd consecutive vintage comes in at the usual soul-crushing price of around 850 bones, making it a popular group purchase, or, if you’re lucky enough, by the glass at select providers. If you’re struggling to channel your inner moral fortitude,  ‘Rewards of Patience’ provides a comprehensive tasting guide to every vintage since 1951, along with causing your Sunday arvo to be consumed by frantically digging that basement cellar you’ve always thought about.

If you aren’t eager to surrender this weeks mortgage payment, however, check out three of these more accessible bottles.

Penfolds 2015 Bin 389 Coonawarra Shiraz

Dark, moody and opulent. It presented a mysterious, complex looking figure perched on the benchtop at my recent Grand Final soiree. A couple of guests mistook the 2015 drop from Bin 128 for Halle Berry. The velvety full bodied taste beat out the Gage Roads Single Fin (more on them soon) to steal the show. Equally at home with your feet up on the couch as it is accompanying a 5 course degustation, the Coonawarra Shiraz barely scraped the money tin, coming in at $45 from my local wine cellar.

Penfolds 2013 Bin 407 Cabernet Sauvignon

Inspired by its older brother Bin 707, the 407 variety left an interesting mix of pomegrante and cocoa on the palate that was particularly gratifying in the twilight hours. With the 2013 bottle coming into its peak drinking years, this is a great pickup to share during a late evening yarn. ~$85

Penfolds 2014 Bin 28 Kalmina Shiraz

“Balanced, polished, sleek”. You can pretty much insert any adjective here that contributes to that warm feeling of elegance. This Kalmina shiraz provides an interesting blend of over five South Australian regions whilst sticking closely to the quality, rich fruit you come to expect from a Penfolds wine. Pick one up from Dan Murphy’s for ~ $35 next time the in-laws drop round.

The Penfolds Grange 2013 Vintage will be available 19.10.2017 from your local fine wine retailer or on order from Penfolds.

Feature Image: Robert O’Reilly

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