Peer into the world of Pagani

Once you watch the video below you will recognise some similarities in philosophy of some of the other great and recognisable global brands such as Apple or Braun from its hay day. Horacio Pagani founder of Pagani Automobili believes that art and engineering aren’t mutually exclusive, and his passion for both can clearly be seen in every automobile that bears his name.

Horacio says that it’s his love for art and engineering which naturally brought him to automobiles. In automobiles these two disciplines can live as one.

Horacio describes Leonardo Da Vinci as one of his major influences. During the Renaissance over 500 years ago Da Vinci sustained that ‘art and science were two disciplines that could walk hand in hand’. It was this phrase by Da Vinci which enlightened Horacio Pagani and helped him on his path to where he now is. He also said part of the reason why he moved from Argentina to Italy was to be in the land of Leonardo, the other factor or course was his passion for sports cars.

When discussing the Zonda, Horacio felt that it was necessary to create an object that represented and was part of his creative vision. He felt it had to have a great personality and be entirely unique. He wanted a car that would be ageless and that was very different from a Ferrari or a Lamborghini, he wanted to create an object that could have its own characteristics.

I remember the first time I saw the Zonda’s exhaust in person, James and I stood and admired it for 20 minutes. We had never seen anything like it, and that was just one aspect of the car. We probably spent half a day looking at the whole thing.


Horatio finished the design of the Zonda in 1993; it then took six years to produce. The most amazing thing about this is that the Zonda is still being made today with the final, final version of the Zonda called Revolucion. The Zonda is still being made 20 years after it was first designed. Talk about a timeless design…


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