Oscars Best (and Worst) Dressed Men 2015

Last years Do’s and Don’ts of Black Tie featuring the Oscars was very well received so I thought I’d compile another Oscars Best (and Worst) Dressed 2015 article for 2015, albeit slightly less useful than last years (please refer to it if you’d like tips on the Black Tie dress code).

Watching the Oscars on a Sunday night isn’t something I’ve done before, nor have I watched the entire Red Carpet show on ABC. Honestly I thought it was pretty lacklustre and we get the absolute best of it in Australia so don’t worry, you’re not missing out.

This year the Black Tie dress code was adhered to far better than any year I can recall. Neil Patrick Harris led the charge both on the Red Carpet, and on stage, with two well styled (and well fitted) shawl collar tuxedos and a third Zegna DB. I didn’t 100% agreed with the colour of his Red Carpet tux but he made up for it once he walked on stage.

I ranted on about getting the dress code right last year and it seemed most (including Cumberbatch) got it right, disregarding the traditional cummerbund requirement. Here’s a few of the standouts.


Chris Evans was a real standout. Perfectly groomed facial hair, nice haircut, perfectly tailored trousers (and suit). Sounds simple, it should be.

87th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Facial hair was a big feature at the Oscars 2015. Chris Pine stepped it up a notch with arguably the top look of the evening. Supreme fit and the only fellow we saw in a DB.


After seeing Questlove (wait for it), it was a pleasure to see Common rocking a well fitted velvet DJ with peak lapels.


Take a bow Eddie. A consistent standout at all events. There’s not a lot more to say except congratulations, a well deserved win!


Chris Pratt looked sharp in a well proportioned shawl collar jacket (the lapels were perfect). He’s also married to Anna Faris. Very Impressive.


There’s not a lot I hate more than the red bow tie with Black Tie but an entire outfit in red? Something I’d never seen before and I think David Oyelowo pulled it off. The break in his trousers was a little off but the high cut satin waistcoat complemented the jacket and the width of the lapels very well.


Bradley was so chuffed to be at the Oscars with Clint. He also continued his fine form from last year presenting very well (apart from his open jacket). Clint is also looking sharp at 84 years of age.

The Rock

If you didn’t see Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson present you might not agree with me but wow, whoever fit his tux did a phenomenal job. For a guy with a chest and shoulder as big as his he looked a million dollars. It’s hard to believe Dwayne made a name for himself as a wrestler.


Not sure if Adam was rocking transition lens… not that anyone cared, his yellow gold Ref.6241 stole the show.


After last year all Benedict had to do to impress me was wear a bow tie. Thankfully he did. And as one of the only people I saw on the carpet wearing a white DJ he did a bloody good job.

And the worst. 


I wish Will.i.am would give me a chance to like him. Sadly not.


Plastic looking white shoes have no place at any black tie event (nor does a baby blue tux).

Kevin_Hart (1)

Kevin with a big white swing and a miss.


Maybe it’s because Mario Lopez is a D grade celebrity or perhaps it’s his skinny tie and oversized tie bar.


John is starting to look like he’s had more work done than Goldie Hawn. I think it’s safe to say the choker chain won’t replace the bow tie as traditional black tie attire.


Questlove’s whole outfit was a disaster. At least his childhood kicks matched his primary school tie knot.


Jimmy Kimmel takes the cake for the absolute worst outfit of the evening. It looked like he’d just come from watching his kid play Saturday sport. The fact that he made it on live TV discredited the entire red carpet broadcast.


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