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Last Friday we popped in to see the gents at Oscar Hunt tailors in Melbourne. After dropping the name to one of our female friends at lunch, who knew exactly who Oscar Hunt were, it came as no surprise to us when we walked into their studio and found it overflowing with suits waiting for the final fittings with their respective owners. The small team works around the clock and they’ve got to when there’s a 4-6 week wait for a fitting. For Oscar Hunt expansion relies on moving to a bigger space, something they plan to do early in the new year.

Measurements are taken by their tailor Jules after a consultation about cloth with company director Chris. The suits are made offshore to roughly 70% completion before being sent to Oscar Hunt’s master tailor (also named Oscar – not where the name is from surprisingly) who adds the finishing touches and final adjustments.

Their marketing manager Lachie completes a very likable team of gents and it’s pretty clear from the moment you enter why the men of Melbourne return to the rapidly expanding Oscar Hunt for their suits. Lachie sent us their new look book yesterday which features some epic cuts and clothes which you can view below. For more info give the gents a call, they’ll be more than happy to chat you through their operation.

Oscar Hunt Tailors Melbourne
Address: 105/20-22 McKillop St, Melbourne VIC 3000
Phone: 0499 000 011

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