Optus Strike Deal With SBS to Broadcast English Premier League in Australia

Late last year Optus shocked everyone and purchased the television rights for the English Premier League in Australia. Naturally all EPL fans started thinking, what is Optus going to do with the rights? Why had Foxtel not purchased them?

Optus revealed their plan earlier today. After spending $60 million on the rights, they have inked a deal with SBS. For the first time in over ten years the English Premier League will be on free to air television in Australia. When my mate first brought this to my attention I was ecstatic. Then I read more into what the deal actually means for EPL fans in Australia. SBS will play one Saturday night game a week, THAT’S IT! The rest of the games will be broadcasted on Optus Fetch, which can be viewed with a new set top box or via the subscription based app, similar to NBA League Pass.

Now, if you want to stay awake all night and watch premier league football, talk some shit with your mates about whose team is better and that everyone agrees on Tottenham sucking, you will need Optus Fetch. Let that sink in.

Maybe it wont be too bad? Only time will tell.

Read more about what’s happening here.



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