OPSM Cricket Day

With the recent announcement of OPSM’s new partnership with Australian cricket TVG were invited to Melbourne to visit OPSM’s flagship store for a day of cricket related fun with Peter Siddle, Matthew Wade and James Pattinson.

Photo by Dave Goudie

OPSM’s new relationship with Cricket Australia aims to push the importance of protecting and maintaining healthy eyes at all times. With OPSM’s patented new technology they now have the ability to test parts of your eyes that couldn’t previously be detected so you can find potential issues sooner and take the necessary precautions to fix them. It’s a pretty interesting process, I personally have never had my eyes tested but after a couple of quick tests and an ultra wide retinal scan I found out I did in fact have a prescription, not a serious one but something that would certainly aid my long distance sight if I wanted it.

After the tests we picked out a pair of sunglasses each. What fascinated me the most on the day was the Oakley testing room in the store. It allows potential consumers to trial different eyewear in the conditions for which they will be used in. The room has a treadmill and road bike that simulates the real life experience, wind can then be added to the room to analyse how the glasses work on your face and whether they are the right fit for you and your desired sport. Whilst I thought the Oakley room was one of the best things I’ve ever seen, Oakley’s should be left to the sports arena – so after a quick contemplation with Persol I went straight to Paul Smith and picked up the nicest pair of round frame style¬†conscious¬†glasses I could find and headed out to the batting net for a slog against the ball machine.

The concept behind the purpose built batting net was to simulate the conditions faced by the Australian cricketers when they are at the wicket on a 42 degree day – suffice to say it was warm. Add to the heat the fact that I hadn’t put on cricket pads since I was 12 and I protected the wicket about as well as James Bond protects his women, I was nervous and¬†perspiring. Fortunately the coach was the nicest bloke in the world and gave really solid advice and before I knew it I was guiding them down the on side.

The day finished with interviews with Peter Siddle, an avid watch enthusiast and Matthew Wade, a very humble and accomplished 24 year old man who has already overcome testicular cancer to get to where he is today. As our group posed for photos with the boys at the end of the day James Pattinson turned and asked me if I could swap glasses with him for the photo – he was quickly dismissed.

Thanks to OPSM for a great day in Melbourne. The partnership with Cricket Australia is a perfect fit for promoting eye health and I’m sure it will resonate well with the Australian public. Finally for those that think they may have an eye issue, go in and get it looked at, it only takes a few minutes and it could bring you unmeasurable benefits!

Finally, here’s a little clip of the day.

Feature Image: Dave Goudie


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