Opening Ceremony For Adidas Originals 2012

Collaborations are a dime a dozen nowadays, and honestly there aren’t many that make us stop in our tracks. They are often characterised by mediocre styling stamped with a new label.

Opening Ceremony is a (somewhat) boutique store with shops located in New York and London. Packed with brands you’ve never heard of and often at prices you’ll never afford, they are perhaps at the forefront of cutting edge fashion and collaborative pieces. Having visited the NYC store a number of times I can vouch for the quality and quantity of their stock, not one visit have I a) left empty handed or b) not been bemused by the absurdity of some the clothes they stock.

The brand has worked closely with many large labels including Band of Outsiders, Pendleton and even The Muppets, however few have grabbed our attention as much as this latest release for Adidas Originals.

Bandana Print Tee’s with Zipper Chest Pocket

Combing elements of 90’s street culture with swimming and cycling apparel, the range is said to be influenced by and commemorating the London 2012 Olympic Games. The first collection will drop in the first week of July and features bandana prints with strong paisley-like patterns on t-shirts, jackets and even footwear.

Reversible Annorak With Half Zipper

One of the more interesting pieces is Opening Ceremony’s interesting take on the classic Saddle Derby Shoe. Constructed of opaque rubber with a bandana print lining, it’s almost throwback to the childhood jelly days. Love it of hate it, it’s definitely different.

Opaque Rubber Shoe With Bandana Detailing

Images Courtesy of Opening Ceremony

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