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Last month while in Melbourne we took the opportunity to meet up with the team from Suit Your Style. Suit Your Style appeared on our radar last year when we caught a glimpse of their ‘Rapallo Gold’ suit on Tumblr – a brave yellow Neapolitan style number with super wide lapels.


We were keen to get measured up and check out their product but didn’t find ourselves in Melbourne until a few weeks ago (the most obvious set back with ‘bricks and mortar’ MTM tailoring). Of course it turns out when we dropped by they were testing a brand new online innovation to take measurements on their website based on personal tweaks to 5 main body shapes. We shared a beer with Founder Benjamin and he walked us through their new online measurement concept and their 2014 Winter Collection.


It turns out after years over measuring blokes up, the team from Suit Your Style discovered that after measuring a client’s height and weight then linking it to a particular body shape they’d be able to make a suit within 1-3 cm from perfect. So they delved deeper into the concept and looked at the main areas where the male body differs, offering size tweaks within that 1-3cm range (Illustrated below from their site).

Suit-Your-Style-The-Versatile-Gent-Online-Measuring The usability is insanely simple, but this isn’t an attempt from SYS to completely eradicate appointments with their team. If you have the chance to go in to be measured up they highly recommend it, and so do we, because their work space is located in a private members club perched high above the Yarra River and it’s awesome.Suit-Your-Style-The-Versatile-Gent-Online-Measuring

Naturally, being measured up is going to deliver a more precise result but the gents knew they had to exist online to expand their operation. Now new clients can take advantage of SYS’s very achievable prices and existing clients can tweak measurements on specific items i.e. sizing a winter coat a little larger across the shoulders to fit over a suit jacket or draping a shoulder on a more casual jacket.


Along with the new online concept Ben chatted us through the brand’s new Winter range. Tones and textures are the themes for 2014 Winter at Suit Your Style and the team have worked hard to offer a range of suits that cater to both climate and occasion. The Inverno range features winter weight cloth woven with 360gram pure wool, camel hair and silk, fully lined with bold patterns, punchy enough to brighten up the gloomiest winter day. The Prince of Wales DB is a standout, a truly timeless option and of course the boys have included the peacock of the range with the ‘Fox Orange’ made of tweed and flannel.


Ben explained SYS’s house style, one that encourages a natural drape. Their suits are made slim, with soft shoulders – minimal padding, light canvassing and various hand finishes including button-holes and pick stitching. It’s clear that they practice what they preach as Ben’s suit on the day was a perfect example of their relaxed style, complete with turtle neck of course!

tumblr_n6mc18GXgH1rcv7n0o1_500 BLU-WINDOWPANE-HERO-1024x682

For the level of hand finishing and on point contemporary styling it’s great to see honest pricing (from $699) – something SYS pride themselves in. Head to the Suit Your Style website to check out their full collection. Their Tumblr is also bang on!


James is the Founder and Editor of The Versatile Gent.

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