olloclip Four in One Lens for iPhone

Following the success of the 3 in 1 olloclip for iPhone, the company has realised an updated model boasting a fourth lens. For those that haven’t been introduced, olloclip is a detachable unit for the iPhone that slides over the phone’s existing camera offering four aftermarket lens options including fish eye, wide angle, macro (10x) and now marco (15x).

Olloclip Lens

We have been using the 3 in 1 olloclip for the last year and found it to be a very capable unit for its small size and small price. The lens unit doesn’t enhance the quality of the image, just how it’s captured by the iPhone transferring instantly to your camera roll with no additional app.

The fish eye lens offers some novelty value for the keen Instagrammers and the wide angle is excellent at capturing full frame items in a small space almost doubling the iPhones field of view. The Macro function is very interesting, capturing insane details, bringing even the most inanimate objects to life.


Whilst the olloclip does cover the sleep/wake button as well as a portion of the flash it’s barely noticeable, especially if you’re someone that likes to avoid using the flash at all times. The olloclip also captures video through the various lens and when you’re done shooting you just pull it off and stick it in your pocket and lock the phone as normal.

If you use your iPhone as much as we do and are looking for something to ad some flair to your images may we suggest the new olloclip 4 in 1 lens setting you back a comfortable $69.99.


Universal Geneve watch dial shot with the Macro lens.


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