saARCHOFFICE Designed OKS CASA House Features A Super Car Gallery

Wealth that allows a four-storey mansion and five of the world’s finest automobiles is uncommon. But if you got it, spend it. That’s exactly what the wise buyer of this Bangkok home has done. It’s got all your standard mansion perks and four storeys of architectural excellence courtesy of saARCHOFFICE, fit for a family. However what sets OKS CASA apart from the other Bangkok elite is its inclusion of the owner’s finest car purchases – an 18m Supercar gallery, displaying a cast of the world’s finest. The main act: A vintage Ferrari F40.

Not a bad piece of furniture, really spruces up the place. The holding room backs on to the outdoor area, showing Thailand’s lush greenery. I imagine the security would be top-notch.

A welcome view for the neighbour. The cars are always nicer on the other side of the fence.

Exterior design accentuates the natural Asian flora, as well as the stark symmetry and angles of the steps leading up to the main home.

Bangkok is notorious for its smoggy atmosphere. Fortunately, the photographer caught her in the best light.

An outsider’s perspective. This is the type of roommate who doesn’t mind you popping your head in every now and then.

A good conversation starter for incoming guests. Would hate for someone to fall down during an evening of indulgence and ruin the main attraction.

If cars aren’t your thing there’s always the deep blues of the OKS CASA pool. A pleasant mix of timber, marble, and tiles would also make for a nice stroll around the parameters – night or day.

Check out saARCHOFFICE for more designs.


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