Octovo: A Luxury Travel Brand

Octovo creates satisfying, lasting and beautiful tools for connected travellers. Developed as a special project within the renowned design studio, Ammunition, Octovo’s products spring from a series of design explorations focused on the role traditional carrying goods play in 21st century travel.

“Through the cases, wallets and bags we produce, we strive to marry the familiar elegance and substance of classic products with design that is native to personal technology and connected travel.” – Octovo

Their range is limited, yet thoughtful – satisfying the needs of the modern traveller. We were lucky enough to get our hands on the layover sleeve for iPad, a simple and beautifully crafted accessory made from a custom tanned Italian leather which over the last few months has aged wonderfully. The philosophy behind the brand is what resonates the most with us – the idea that as you travel you acquire experiences and stories and each item in the line will develop their own personality, marks of age and patina.

The newest addition to their products line is the Ti Comb. The limited comb is milled from the same Grade5 titanium found in high-performance aerospace, marine, and motorsport applications. Perhaps the best looking comb you’ll ever see. Enjoy the collection below and for more information visit their website.


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