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Society’s appreciation for handcrafted goods has seen a mighty resurgence in the last five years. By far the greatest example of this is in the world of menswear. From suits, to shoes, to accessories and even onto watches, men are spending their money on quality made products they can be proud of. Once upon a time this perception of quality was formed from a price tag – the more expensive it was the better quality it was. No product in menswear (of high fashion for that matter) has been more clouded by this perception than eyewear, and this is where OBLYK Sunglasses comes to the party.

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OBLYK Miro Polised Tortoise with Baby Blue lens.

OBLYK is a sunglasses company created by myself and Italian born tailor Massimo Guglielmi. After almost three years of writing content for the TVG audience it was time to produce a product. Looking back on which products and brands had performed well, it was clear all shared a great balance between quality and price, brands like Meermin, Suit Shop and Henry Carter. Our ‘Great Watches Under $1000’ article is still one of the most clicked articles ever written because it gives the reader great value products.

OBLYK Miro Polished Pineapple on Instagram @OBLYKSugnlasses

OBLYK Miro Polished Pineapple on Instagram @OBLYKSugnlasses

After meeting Massimo to write about his tailoring business Sartorial Bay we came to discuss his past, and a recent trip to see his family in the hills of Northern Italy which, coincidently, is the home of handcrafted sunglasses. We saw an opportunity to provide beautiful handcrafted Italian made products without the price tag we’d become so accustomed to in the past, and it wasn’t long before our first samples arrived in Australia.

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‘Entirely Handcrafted In Italy’

OBLYK (Oh-bleek) was created to achieve one goal – deliver quality Italian made sunglasses at honest prices. OBLYK’s products are ‘Entirely Handcrafted in Italy’ and we mean it. Unlike many brands on the market today we don’t ship Italian components to China and then put them together, all our products are made by hand, and finished by hand, in Italy (in a family run factory where no one speaks English). Even our Petrol Blue vintage inspired pouch is made in Italy.

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A close up look at the hand finishing on the Abeo Matte Tortoise.

The first collection features two styles, the flatter Miro and rounder Abeo. We set out to focus on exciting colours, lens combinations and finishes, with all our products offered in both a polished or popular matte finish, with matching polished or matte hinges. The result is truly beautiful products made from the finest Italian components that feel light but solid, and wear delightfully on the face. Across the various colours, Pineapple, Seaweed, Tortoise and Ghost we’ve matched interesting faded and gradient lens (priced at $159AUD) as well as polarised options to deal with the harsh Australian sun (priced at $179AUD).

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OBLYK Miro Matte Ghost.

After years of writing it has been an interesting journey creating a physical product but I couldn’t be happier with the result, or the price we can sell our products at. Thanks for your support over the years and I hope to welcome you to the OBLYK family in 2015!


Christian Kimber in OBLYK Abeo Seaweed shot by A&H Magazine at Pitti.

You can shop the full range at www.oblyk.com (we’ve got a bit of work to do on the site) and follow us on Facebook or Instagram (@oblyksunglasses) where you may see some familiar faces.

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Tom from TVG sporting the OBLYK Miro Polished Ghost.


James is the Founder and Editor of The Versatile Gent.

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