Numbers Stockholm – Fine Mens Jewellery

Mens fashion is extremely focussed on small details; such as subtly matching a pochette to a shirt or wearing a particular coloured sock to add some interest to a suit. The same applies with accessories and mens jewellery. TVG features a lot on watches, as watches are the most common form of mens accessory, however men are now looking to bring other forms of jewellery into the fashion equation, and Swedish based brand Numbers Stockholm is making some of the nicest, most detailed mens focussed jewellery I’ve come across to date.

The first Numbers Stockholm bracelet was made by hand in Stockholm in early 2012, however the brands vision was formed the year earlier as two friends roamed the streets of Florence at Pitti Uomo. Rustic Scandinavian design and the idea of a certain playfulness in detailing were all inspirationally important details when forming the brand. Behind every bracelet is a process of finding the right materials, handcrafting the silver lockets and assembling the bracelets by hand in Stockholm.

The bracelets consist of either genuine Swedish leather or carefully sourced coloured stones, and all include a tradmarked .999 silver locket. Numbers currently offer 8 bracelets ranging in price from AUD$70 – $100 and to be honest I could see myself wearing every single one of them.

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