24 Gifts in 24 Days: Noise Goods

Christmas is notorious for average wallets – not in 2013! Pedro Fernandes’ Noise Goods are a collection of original made to order products that are useful, strong and durable, perfected in time. Noise Goods are for people that need buddies for life instead of the ordinary and the disposable.

All these companions were meticulously thought out by Pedro and are handmade under a gleaming Portuguese sun. The raw materials are locally and consciously sourced with a high level of respect before our environment, society and economy. All the pieces are hand-cut, hand-painted, hand-stitched, manually finished and sealed, all without the use of electricity and using natural materials — absent of harmful chemicals.

Noise Goods let the build quality and materials do the talking with detailed finishes and a subtle stamped logo.

Here’s the lineup.

A5 Clutch

Coin Pouch


Card Holder


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