No CommonScents: This is Him by Zadig and Voltaire

When it comes to colognes, I’m no expert. Just a punter with a serious appetite for all things redolence. Introducing This is Him by Zadig and Voltaire.

Almost 20 years ago, Zadig and Voltaire emerged as an edgy ‘boho-rock’ fashion house in Paris. The brand was created in 1997 by Mr. Thierry Gillier, grandson of Andre Gillier, the co-founder of Lacoste. Gillier’s mantra was always to deliver luxury products at affordable prices. Sticking true to this notion, Zadig and Voltaire’s second line of fragrance has delivered big time!

True to its ‘Rock and Roll’ roots, the launch event for Zadig’s new fragrance release was strongly themed around their marketing motto, ‘This is Zadig.’ Presented by International brand marketing manager Giona Zen, the ‘This is Zadig’ slogan ties in strongly with their notion of being true to yourself. The sophisticated presentation, along with the delightfully wrapped, ever-flowing canapés, was all myself and the TVG team needed for a great night out. 

For the new fragrances, master perfumer Nathalie Lorson has returned to craft her second release for Z&V. Lorsen, a Betty Whiteesque legend of the industry has been part of the global perfume elite for over 30 years. Inspired by their edgy, rock chic personality, and using her exceptional knowledge and nouse, Nathalie created this unique release.

The male fragrance ‘This is Him’, is a milky woody aroma, with sharp top notes of Grapefruit and pepper. The intense opening is rolled over by a smoky incense and vanilla middle body. This is then rounded off by Z&V’s signature Sandalwood which clings close to the skin but holds on for hours. This super long-lasting, but not overpowering fragrance will be present on your skin until the morning after.

The female release, ‘This is Her’ ties in closely with the men’s fragrance. It is a sweet, woody floral scent with top notes of pepper and Jasmine followed by a creamy chestnut and vanilla middle, finished with the undeniable lick of sandalwood which ties both fragrances together.

Personally, I prefer the male scent, as I find the female fragrance a little too sweet. However, Zadig and Voltaire are indeed moving in the right direction regarding stamping their mark on the perfume industry.

You can pick up a bottle of 100ml for about $100 which is pure value considering how long this unique blend lasts.

Next time you spot it on the shelves, give it a whirl.

‘Scent’sationally yours,
Mitch. D
The Cologne Ranger

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