No CommonScents: Standard by Comme Des Garcons

When it comes to colognes, I’m no expert. Just a punter with a serious appetite for all things redolence. Introducing Standard by Comme Des Garcons.

Comme des Garçons. A brand that needs no introduction to those who know it, or those who claim to know it (despite having no real knowledge about it at all). The French phrase ‘Like Boys’ is now one of the world’s most recognised boutique fashion labels, founded in Tokyo some 50 years ago by Rei Kawakubo. 

Over the years Comme des Garcons has developed a cult following for their unconventional men’s and women’s ‘farshun’. Interestingly it wasn’t until 1994, that CdG released their debut scent Comme Des Garcons. Their distinctly unorthodox approach to perfumes has ensured they have been turning heads ever since.

In 1998, CdG released what they coined the world’s first “anti-perfume” called Odeur 53. This brave, ground-breaking fragrance was made entirely of non-organic ingredients and was literally 53 weird elements muddled together. How and why they combined burnt rubber, flaming rock, sand dunes and washing drying in the wind is fascinating, to say the least! To some, it was a masterpiece, but for others, it smelled like dried out fabric softener.

More recently, Comme Des Garcons teamed up with Finnish furniture company ‘Artek’ to release Standard, and I can assure you, Standard is anything but.

Standard Comme des Garcons

This unique unisex perfume shows the true craftsmanship that CdG has become so famous for. The perfectly contradicting fragrance blends bass notes of Finnish Labrador Tea, rust, and metal, with top notes of lemon, ginger, musk and by far the most present ingredient Cedar wood.

This intensely woody aroma will bring out the inner Lumberjack in all of us. It will have you smelling like a burley bearded man, chopping timber in the wilderness, while cooking the wild boar he slaughtered earlier that day.

Make no mistake; this scent may not be for those who mostly enjoy sweet, floral fragrances, but if you are more drawn to the dark woody end of the fragrance scale, I’m confident this will intrigue you, and those around you.

While this scent sells itself as a mysteriously sexy aroma, perfect for an evening first date, the top notes of ginger and lemon enable this scent to be worn comfortably as a fresh day perfume.

Sold only as a 100ml size bottle, Standard will set you back around $170 which is fairly priced for this quality product. The bold blend of scents partnered with longevity that would make Hugh Hefner proud ensures Standard by Comme Des Garcons is an undeniable triumph.

‘Scent’sationally yours,
Mitch. D
The Cologne Ranger

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