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This unique scent was released in 2006 and was truly the first of its kind. Escentric Molecule 01 was created by Geza Schoen, a German Perfumer who has made a name for himself as the futuristic, mad scientist of the perfume world.

Molecule 01 is an aroma chemical. Aroma chemicals are used in all fragrances today to recreate natural scents like Sandalwood or Jasmine. ‘Iso E Super’ is the aroma chemical inside this little bad boy. It is a molecule that hovers close to the skin to create an indefinable aura around the wearer.

Geza explains ‘ Iso E Super is one of those skin sexy scents that makes you want to nestle into it. Its comforting, cocooning’. This Geza is right!

What makes this scent so unique is there are no layers. No base, middle and top notes. This is a single note only! It’s a single note with a very sensual sillage (Sillage is the degree of a fragrances ability to emanate from the wearer.) It does not obnoxiously cut through a room but rather lures people in with its soft, peppery cedar undertones.

Furthermore, as this scent is a chemical molecule rather than a perfume, it is designed to react differently with different people’s body chemistry. It smells unique from person to person. This is why Molecules is so earth shattering and why Geza has earned his phenomenal reputation.

This fragrance was developed to be worn by itself, however, because I’m the cologne ranger, I pretty much do what I want!! Honestly, though, Molecules’ subtle aroma makes this fragrance excellent for layering. To give it extra oomph so to speak. I like to layer Molecule 01 with Terre D’Hermes, which adds a bold citrus element.

Escentric Molecule 01 and Terre D'HermesAlthough this unique unisex fragrance has been available for over ten years, it is still a relatively unknown product to the everyday lad and worth trying out for those confident enough to step outside the box.

A 100ml bottle of Escentric Molecule 01 will cost you about $150, which again is insane value when comparing the quality of this product to other mainstream products of similar dollar value.

Like every scent, this is not for everybody. Due to it possessing a single note only, this does have its critics, as initially people find it hard to smell straight away. You need to be patient with it, allow it to develop and mature, and I promise this will surprise you for hours on end.

I challenge you all to get amongst this!!

Scentsationally yours
Mitch D
The Cologne Ranger

For more information on Escentric Molecule 01 head to Escentric.

Escentric and Molecule fragrances

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