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Commodity, a young perfume house out of the USA, was founded by Ash Huzenlaub and Konstantin Glasmacher. Their mantra “commodities form the basis of all we experience, treasure and enjoy…using natures commodities, we invite renowned artisans to create their best works.”

In 2013 Commodity released a large range of 20 fragrances, each with a basic name such as Rain, Wool, Gin or Dew. The wearer is encouraged to mix and match these individual perfumes using their ‘Cocktail kit’ in order to create their own original scent which is both unique and original to the wearer. The idea of layering scents is one that is gaining traction as it allows the wearer to feel like they are creating something exclusively for themselves.

Commodity Cologne

I have always been a fan of layering! If it is a skin perfume like Eccentric molecules 1 or Not a Perfume by Juliette has a Gun, I’m down to layer. In this case, however, Commodities broad range of fragrance has so much depth in each of the individual perfumes that personally, I am less inclined to layer them. There is so much complexity hiding behind such basic monikers such as Whiskey, Moss or Cane, that I get more enjoyment out of wearing them by themselves rather than layering them with one another. 

Although I’m a huge fan of the whole range, ‘Book’ is a true standout. The scent itself is supposed to conjure the notion of grand old libraries filled with dusty textured books. Inspired by the great novels of Hemingway and Fitzgerald, this perfume was crafted by Ketrin Leka Basile out of New York.

Commodity Book Fragrance

‘Book’ is an extremely fresh and woody fragrance. The top notes of cucumber and eucalyptus are an intense start to the scent, which is then rounded off with Lavender and Amber. After these initial notes have relaxed the base notes Sandalwood, Musk and Velvet Leaves an elegant balmy hum which will slowly develop for hours.

The entire Commodity fragrance range is marketed as unisex which helps sell the whole layering vision, however, I find this scent much more suited to men. The basic elegant bottles are sold in 100ml sizes and can be purchased for about $150 through Cosmetic Juggernauts Sephora.

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For more information on the Commodity Range head to their website.

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