Neil Armstrong and the Moon Watch

Neil Armstrong passed away over the weekend which I’m sure you’ve heard. I think the concept of Neil Armstrong is quite an anomaly, as much of a household name as Michael Jackson yet managed to avoid the spotlight for decades after his trip to the moon. It’s strange to consider how such a famous man – a hero, could shun the media attention for so long. Now to the Moon Watch.

After rigorous testing, the Omega Speedmaster was chosen by NASA as the most suitable timepiece for the Apollo program. The watch demonstrated a high level of precision and reliability and was issued to each member of the Apollo 11 expedition in July of 1969. This watch hasn’t aged a day since 1969 and I’m certain that Omega’s decision to leave the design of the Speedmaster unchanged for so many decades is the major reason for the success of the model.

The model that made it onto the moon was reference 105.012 and was known as Armstrong’s watch, however, Buzz Aldrin was the first man to wear it on the moon as history tells us that Neil was not wearing his when he stepped out onto the surface – a fact that Omega surely hate! So there’s a little trivia fact for you. Regardless of this Omega have always pushed Neil as the icon behind the moon watch legacy despite Buzz Aldrin’s ongoing association with the brand.

The Speedmaster is a classic and Neil continued to sport one throughout his life after his expedition to the moon. May Neil rest in peace and live on through the watch he and the Apollo 11 members made so famous – The Speedmaster Professional.

Here’s some photos from the period, quite awe inspiring.

Buzz Aldrin in his Speedmaster (Taken by Neil Armstrong)

How the watch was worn – over the space suit using a double length velcro strap

Moon technicians of the Apollo Program

Speedmaster Pro with Buzz Aldrin’s signature 

A poignant moment in history 


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