Narrabeen House by CHROFI

Nestled on Narrabeen Lagoon on Sydney’s Northern Beaches this house by CHROFI architects shows that having an understanding of site context and environment is essential in designing an award winning home. From a typically suburban street front the house reveals little about it’s expansive views across the lagoon, as such the architects approached the design in two distinct ways, the street and the lagoon.

This led us to think about the project within the framework of the ‘suburban ideal’ – a framework that would allow the house to address the street as any other suburban house would, while inwardly pursuing the ideals of oasis and retreat where the water experience could be used to maximum impact – in effect, amplifying the current contrast between street and lagoon – CHROFI Architects.

Expansive use of timber and floating skirt details give the house a wonderful horizontal proportion, while a central courtyard acts as a principle organising elements for the whole house. More than a navigation tool though, the courtyard has a significant environmental role bringing sun, light and air into the centre of the house.

Polished concrete floors contrast beautifully against a variety of timbers, revealing that when done right, hard industrial surfaces can work harmoniously with the softer forms. Design talk aside, CHROFI shows us a perfect design for an Australian home. Too often houses are designed without an understanding of environment, climate and context – this, however is built on an understanding and respect for all three, and we are left with a wonderful result, a dream house for any beach loving Sydney-sider.

All Images by Simon Whitbread


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