Mr Porter Kingsman Collection

Last night TVG was invited to an advanced screening of Kingsman: The Secret Service and caught a first glimpse of the MR PORTER Kingsman Collection in action.

The movie is an entertaining blend of action, comedy and sophistication. Colin Firth (Harry Hart aka Galahad) and the other Kingsman base there secret operation out of ‘Kingsman’ tailors (filmed in Huntsman) on Savile Row in London. Throughout the film Firth is immaculately dressed in traditional British suiting which has inspired the Kingsman Collection, a new menswear label inspired by the film. I must confess however I was a little disappointed with the attention to detail in regards to tie knots throughout the film. A classic Prince Charles style Four In Hand would have suited the characters far better than sloppy Windsor variations.

Nevertheless, Mr Vaughn and the team at MR PORTER worked closely with award-winning costume designer Ms Arianne Phillips to design and create iconic pieces inspired by Savile Row tradition, and made by the best in British production including: Bremont timepieces; Cutler and Gross eyewear; Drake’s ties and pocket squares; Corgi knitwear; George Cleverley footwear; Mackintosh outerwear; Swaine Adeney Brigg accessories and Turnbull & Asser shirting.

The entire bespoke 60-piece Mr Porter Kingsman collection, which is featured throughout the film, will launch exclusively on MR PORTER in late January 2015; a groundbreaking costume to collection initiative.

Mr-Porter-Kingsman-Collection-001-800x1045 Mr-Porter-Kingsman-Collection-002-800x575 Mr-Porter-Kingsman-Collection-003-800x1109 Mr-Porter-Kingsman-Collection-004-800x1042 Mr-Porter-Kingsman-Collection-005-800x1044 Mr-Porter-Kingsman-Collection-006-800x1028 Mr-Porter-Kingsman-Collection-007-800x620 Mr-Porter-Kingsman-Collection-008-800x1049 Mr-Porter-Kingsman-Collection-009-800x1044

Shop the collection at MR PORTER.


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