Mr Porter and American Psycho

A true gentleman is highly immersed within the various cultural scenes this world has to offer. They understand that the world is in fact a stage, where all men and women are merely players. They are well-read, where literature is revered as an art form.

If you have read Bret Easton Ellis’ novel, American Psycho, you are certainly on the right trackBroadway’s beautiful Almeida theatre is playing host to the musical adaptation of the cult-thriller.  For those of you who are unfamiliar, the story follows the daily life of a wealthy, young investment banker, Patrick Bateman, played by Matt Smith who you may remember as the Doctor from Doctor Who. Bateman’s homicidal tendencies are quickly exposed. As the story progresses, the killings grow more intense, and the audience learns of Bateman’s envious nature founded from a materialistic and highly competitive lifestyle.

almeida stage low res

Our English compatriots would have a lot to gain from attending the production, learning lessons in culture, style and commentary on the consequences of capitalism.  Unfortunately for most reading this, attendance is far from reality. Luckily, TVG has everyone covered. Dressing the cast, most of who are playing young upward professionals, is no simple task. However, Mr Porter has taken on the challenge, and quite frankly there are few and far between who could match the style and elegance required to bring justice to Ellis’ classic novel. Never has a more appropriate collaboration presented itself.

The clothing is simple, yet sophisticated. Like Bateman, Mr Porter has fastidious attention for detail, producing the best for a cast of characters who demand only the finest.

So do yourself a favour – pick up the book, watch the film and pay a visit. It’s not the same as sitting in the circle of the Almeida theatre next month, but at least you’ll be able to create your own musical adaptation with style.


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