Motorola Unveil Moto 360. A Very Smart Watch.

I’ve just finished watching the video for Motorola’s new watch, the Moto 360. The first thing I asked myself was, is this mechanical? It looks mechanical, why are Motorola making mechanical timepieces now? Well they’re not, they’ve just designed the Moto 360 to be a very smart watch on multiple levels.

It is indeed a smartwatch built on the Android platform, which will presumably grant users access to notifications via gestures, as the company’s official tagline is “twist of the wrist”. However it is also a smart looking watch, designed to look like a classic timepiece – essentially it’s a wearable smartwatch without looking like a tech geek.


We are told the Moto 360 will feature Google Now integration that’ll make checking in on the weather, sports scores or flights as simple as saying two words, “Ok Google.” Sources say the Moto 360 will launch worldwide in summer this year (Northern Hemisphere’s) and will come with a variety of dial colours and band choices, from quality leather to steel.

From the video below it is clear that Motorola have designed and built the Moto 360 from the ground up, focusing on aspects of build and design that a true watch lover would appreciate. Until now no smartwatch has graced the pages of TVG but this particular model shows a serious step forwards in the category, a stylish watch that you could wear everyday.


James is the Founder and Editor of The Versatile Gent.

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