Motorcyclist Escapes Certain Death In Insane Crash Footage

A motorcyclist under the Youtube moniker HAMMY MOTO has escaped certain death in one of the most insane pieces of crash footage you’re likely ever to see.

Clearly doing speeds he shouldn’t have been (why else would he have blocked out the speedo), the bike begins to wobble and he can be seen trying to regather it before drifting towards a Semi Trailer in the lane next to him. He then loses control of the bike and hits the deck sliding beneath the back wheels of the truck and the side skirts of the trailer it was towing only to emerge on the other site essentially unscathed.

As a motorbike rider, an incident like this is enough to leave you sick and as any motorist, you can appreciate just how lucky this chap is to be alive.

Check it out below:


James is the Founder and Editor of The Versatile Gent.

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