Moët & Chandon New Brand Ambassador Competition

On Saturday Moët & Chandon are announcing a collaboration with a new male ambassador. At the moment we don’t know who that is but Moët have released a teaser video of the new man in front of the brand. This is a great move from Moët relinquishing the forgotten drink of the gentleman. To celebrate the announcement Moët and The Versatile Gent are giving away a bottle of Moet Imperial Diamond Suit to the first person to correctly guess who the ambassador is.

Here’s some clues from Moët.

“Only the rarest of individuals can stand for the enduring values of the House of Moët & Chandon. Since 1743, it is the champagne of every success.  So there’s your first clue: the new face of Moët & Chandon is phenomenally successful. 
But true success comes from a shining quality within. So there’s your second clue: someone who achieves and carries their success with stylish elegance. 
Add to this, someone who embodies a sense of boldness and generosity, and you have the natural match for the world’s most-loved champagne.”


Enter your guess in the comments section below and the first person to get it right will receive this lovely bottle of champagne. Good luck Gents!


James is the Founder and Editor of The Versatile Gent.

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