Mocha Salt Swim shorts: Made in Sydney

‘Tailored for the water but cut for the city’, is how Mocha Salt is positioning its just released swim shorts. The man behind the brand is established industrial designer Rik Van Donk, whose keen eye for detail and design in highly evident in the Mocha Salt shorts product.

Mocha Salt come in two different lengths with print and plain colour options to fit globe-trotting men who enjoy tailoring and don’t want to hit the beach in the usual baggy board short styles. The fabric is quick-drying and flexible, with side tabs on the waistband allowing for that extra snug fit while swimming. However, it’s the fit that’s the real talking point. Cut like well-made chinos with the functionality of high-quality swimwear, the lightweight woven nylon and 23-piece pattern make for exceptional comfort and fit. If that’s not enough, they come with their towel roll for easy transportation when wet.

On top of all that, they are Sydney designed, and Sydney made, which is always commendable for a clothing brand, and it allows consumers to support a truly locally label. Mocha Salt is available online and ships worldwide.

Our team at The Versatile Gent would like to thank you all for taking the time to read this article!

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