Mo Mug. All for a good cause!

Mo Mug Founder Ant Small got in touch with us last week to tell us the story about how his business idea became the solution to a problem that we overlook ever single day – disposable coffee cups. Ant began decorating ceramic mugs with moustaches in his spare time and it wasn’t long before his friends and family were asking for their own ‘Mo Mug’. After looking for ways to get his product to the mass market he came across a shocking fact – 58 million disposable coffee cups are thrown away (not recycled!) each year and 20 million trees are cut down a year to produce those cups. Ant became an over night “accidental environmentalist” which I absolutely love. Now he wants to become the answer to the problem with his Mo Mug, a stylish and effective solution to a drastic issue. ‘Mo Mug’ is a double walled reusable┬áporcelain coffee cup that comes in a number of sizes featuring an array of cool moustaches. Ant has got the project on Kickstarter at the moment trying to raise some funds to get the Mo-Mug into production. A good idea and tied to a great cause, winning solution.

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James is the Founder and Editor of The Versatile Gent.

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