Mexico’s Mastretta MXT

On Instagram recently I came across a car I’d never seen or heard of before, the Mastretta MXT, so I decided I’d do a little research and write about the Mexican performance car.

First things first, I didn’t make an error above, the car is born in Mexico. I think it’s great to see a performance car coming out of a country other than Italy, UK or Germany, people are still striving to challenge the big forces in the automobile industry and that is admirable. At first glance it’s hard to pretend the MXT is a thing of beauty, it’s a little stout and strange looking. It looks like the lovechild of the Gumpert Apollo and the Smart Roadster.

The Mastretta MXT is moulded around performance. Advanced engineering, lightweight materials and a turbo charged 2.0 litre Cosworth engine (not unlike the one featured in the Caterham) act together to achieve the superb dynamics of the MXT. Steeped in the principles of modern racing technology, the MXT does not include driver aids or electronic assists that may dull the driving experience.

Mastretta insist it’s a ‘driver’s car’ and thus their most important development aim was to focus on optimizing acceleration, cornering and braking capabilities. With an overall weight of just 1050 Kg an engine producing 250 hp, the MXT accelerates from 0-100 Km/h in 4.9 seconds, and reaches a top speed of 260 Km/h. The high-performance aluminium and carbon fiber chassis can generate lateral acceleration of up to 1.1 G, making cornering at high speeds flat and stable, while the fadeless braking system, which consists of 300 mm cross-drilled discs with 4 piston calipers front and rear stops the car rapidly.

Mastretta say it’s not just a track day car, that the ‘relatively’ long wheelbase and low centre of gravity make it well suited for long-distance driving for ‘spirited’ drivers however I can’t imagine it’s going to be more comfortable than any modern sports car. At the end of the day I’m impressed and I respect the company for having a go. It’s going to turn heads and it sounds sublime shifting up through the gears. Unfortunately there’s not a lot of driving footage or in depth reviews but this video makes it look like a seriously fun car at a very fun price – roughly $70,000US.

Images from Mastretta and Concept Carz


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