Menswear Snapshot: Wearing the Colour Green

Do not be afraid of green, it’s your friend and your other friends don’t wear it as well as you can. The colour green is often steered away from as it can be difficult to incorporate into a wardrobe, however with some basic tips and an understanding of colour matching, green is a colour we all should be embracing in the winter months.

Simple colour theory tells us greens go well with reds, however this is not to be held true at all times. Even though the colours in theory work well, the wrong shades, textures or amounts of colour will inevitably have you looking like Christmas tree. Matching colour is about subtleties, finding balance between dominate colours and using accents (such as accessories) to complete an overall look. The hallmark of a true gentleman is one that combines colours in a tasteful manner.

Below we’ve pulled together a series of menswear photos showing great use of greens in different styles, some more bold than other but all done with an understanding of style. We’ve also pulled together our favourite green pieces from across the web so you can start expanding your selection and show the world that you ‘get it’.

Richard James Green Gingham Check Shirt

Yuvi Silver and Woven Chord Bracelet

Paul Smith Fine-knit Merino Wool Sweater

Hartford Linen Shirt

P.Johnson Tailors Olive Green Pochette 

P.Johnson Tailors Green Red Tile Tie

Corgi Striped Cotton Socks

Drake’s Silk-Grenadine Tie

Source: Guerriesms

Frankies Green Driving Loafer

Source: Guerriesms

MJ Bale Xavier Green Jacket 

All Clothing images from their respective websites. All style images from Tumblr unless otherwise stated. Header Source: Guerriesms


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