Menswear + Naked Women = Suitsupply SS 2014 Lookbook

Uhhh Ohh. Suitsupply have gone and done it, combined man’s two favourite things – menswear and gorgeous semi-naked women. NSFW perhaps? I left that out of the title because let’s face it, you were going to click on it anyway.

After an elegant and earnest AW 2013 campaign shot at the Dutch National Gallery the team at Suitsupply decided to ditch the serious tone and unleash an epic frat/spring break theme on their Summer 2014 campaign and it’s our favourite yet. The new collection features a plethora of summer colours and textures including punchy window panes and wide linen peak lapels and understandably, a lot of smiling models. I wonder how these chaps felt when they turned up to this shoot and got told they had to dress up in the most on-point menswear on the market today and then get showered in water while a bunch of 10’s danced around them in bikinis and white shirts – pretty damn good I imagine.

Now go and buy something and maybe, just maybe, you’ll feel as awesome as these guys.

02_SS-CAMP-S1424573_lowres 02_SS-CAMP-S1425042_lowres 03__SS-CAMP-S1425114_lowres 04_SS-CAMP-S1425991_lowres 05_SS-CAMP-S1424676_lowres 06_SS-CAMP-S1424551_lowres 07_SS-CAMP-S1420774_lowres 10_SS-CAMP-S1424091_lowres 11_SS-CAMP-S1424175_lowres 12_SS-CAMP-S1421065_lowres 12_SS-CAMP-S1425563_lowres 13_SS-CAMP-S1426016_lowres


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