5 Timeless Men’s Hairstyles

Some things simply never go out of fashion; a solid wristwatch, a perfectly balanced Negroni, and a Porsche are a few that pop to mind. When it comes to men’s hairstyles, the same is true. Sure, there have been a few variations in lengths throughout the years but a stylish cut 100 years ago will more than likely be stylish cut now. Here are some of the best men’s hairstyles heading into summer 2018/2019.

The Buzz Cut

I’m not asking you to go skinhead, but a very clean number 4 or 5 can do wonders for the right person. As a man who is not a fan of dumping three different products in my hair every time I leave the house, this one is especially tempting for me.

A strong option for guys with a solid jawline, or a square or oval-shaped face. Having no fluff up top means the world can enjoy your good genetics. This is also one of the best men’s hairstyles for my thinning/ageing friends out there.


Having little hair doesn’t get you off the hook in regards to hygiene. Invest in some solid shampoo that will keep your noggin flake-free. A little wax can’t go wrong for adding a more textured look.

Curly Top

Curls are a genetic thing and many guys curse their ancestors for imbuing them with such a mop of hair. But at its best, a solid crown of curls and short sides is a playful winner in regards to men’s hairstyles.

Curls afford a fair amount of volume and length and can flow lightly in a summer breeze. However, for men with a not-so-defined jawline, the end result of this visual could be a very boyish one.


Most of the work will be done at the shop, where a solid barber will cut the sides nicely and let your natural curls do the talking. However, if your mop is known to have a mind of its own, a touch of gel can help them sit nicely through the day. If you’re really game, a hairdryer can create tighter curls.

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This men’s hairstyle has versatility that lies in its volume and length, which can change from man to man. It’s a summer favourite because it boasts a certain amount of freedom and like the curly top, it’s easy to see yourself standing on the coast somewhere, hair dangling poetically in the breeze.

As this cut has such a wide array of variation, any man really can’t go wrong. But unlike the above couple of options, a rounder-faced gentleman can enjoy the height and volume of the middle of the men’s hairstyle, which will appear to elongate the face.


The cost to maintain the quiff is time and money. Sorry, but style don’t come easy. A stronger wax, and even a puff of hairspray for the more dedicated will help to maintain the look. And like any length of straight hair, a comb is a necessary and sound investment.

French Crop

The French crop walks the line perfectly between too long and too short. If you’re sick of slicking everything back, this men’s hairstyle is an excellent alternative. Aside from the name, there’s something about this look that is very hip, very European.

Although those with a defined jawline will find more of a striking look through this cut, the tuft of length up top can allow for the rounder of face to join in too.


The French crop is one of the most dramatic of these men’s hairstyles and thus requires a little more loving. With this one we’re trying to push everything forward so a blow dryer will come in handy. Beyond this, a solid pomade will maintain the edges between short and long.

Short Back and Sides

You will never go wrong with short back and sides. It’s the mark of ascension from boyhood to manhood. The man with short back and sides means business. You could live your whole life with this cut and never be accused of being out of touch with the trends. If men’s hairstyles were commodities, the short back and sides would be a blue chip stock. This haircut is solid, capiche?

The short back and sides is considerably dynamic and is a good option for those who don’t want to exaggerate the roundness of their lower jaw. Some variations in length can be customised from man to man.


The reason the short back and sides is one of the most timeless men’s hairstyles is because it’s so simple and easy to maintain. Chuck in some decent hair clay and shape how you please. Even as the day goes on and the product wears off, you’ve still got a commendable cut.


Jay is a writer and content producer for The Versatile Gent.

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