MENARI Residence by Ecostudio Architects Shows Costa Rica’s Best Side

The MENARI Residence is a successful attempt on behalf of Ecostudio Architects to create a simultaneously open yet private home that intertwines with the beautiful greenery of Costa Rica.

Through the innovation of the exterior design, the home emphasises the vast central courtyard which in turn becomes the hangout spot of choice for owners. From this courtyard, one can view the entirety of the interior, as Ecostudio has opted for large glass windows and open living areas. This is supplemented by the view from the peripherals of the estate, where would-be onlookers are unable to see in to the house, resulting in optimum privacy.

The property is 3, 767 square-feet of concrete, glass, and steel. The materials used within MENARI Residence are simple so that attention may be focused purely on the gardens and greenery of the courtyard and its surrounds. Furthermore, key interior elements such as as a multi-coloured mosaic which adorns the floor of the social room are highlighted through the home’s natural simplicity.

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As one of Central America’s hottest regions, a home in Costa Rica must be optimised for comfort. Ecostudio Architects understood this and have therefore built a home that maximises cool breezes and shade and minimises the harsh equatorial sun. Methods of this climate control include closing the home to the points of greatest sun exposure while still maintaining natural lighting in most of the rooms. Cross ventilation, large openings, and high ceilings also prove effective in the fight against the balmy, moist climate of Costa Rica.

The main objective of MENARI Residence is to maintain a spatial relationship between interior and exterior so that the lines between natural and man-made are blurred as often as possible. This lends to the home an added sense of volume, as well as an intimate connection to the tropical beauty that is Costa Rica.

For examples of more of Ecostudio Architect’s sublime works, visit their website here.


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