Men In This Town Book – Now Available

Giuseppe Santamaria has been a busy man over the past few years and today that all culminates with the launch of his first publication. Men In This Town provides the Australian fashion world with some of the best street style action on offer, covering Sydney and Melbourne primarily, as well as gentleman from iconic cities such as London, Tokyo, Milan and New York.

Along with incredible photographs, the book also includes five profiles with inspiring men around the world, including Patrick Johnson, Alessandro Squarzi, Dan Rookwood, Taisuke Nakamuro and Jeffrey Costello and Robert Tagliapietra. It’s wonderful to see such a beautiful output from all Giuseppe’s work.

I often feel that photos are viewed and too quickly forgotten on the web, so with this book comes an opportunity to savour some of the finer menswear moments that Giuseppe has captured. Men In This Town will fascinate anyone with an interest in fashion, photography, and the street-style culture of the everyday man across the world.

The Men In This Town book is available in all good bookstores across Australia and online.

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