The McLaren 570S Spider Is As Good As Driving Gets

I know I’m prone to exaggeration but I wouldn’t hesitate to say that there’s a serious chance that I’ve spent more time in and around the McLaren brand of late than some of the owners themselves. Fortunately, my enthusiasm for the manufacturer allows me to revel in such experiences, piloting some of the world’s finest supercars around town like a foreign uni student.

570s Spider

The latest of course, was a Yellow McLaren 570S Spider, the very car I attended the local launch in October 2017. The convertible variant sits alongside the Coupe and the GT which I reviewed, and adored, late last year.

Conscious of how much McLaren content had appeared on the website in recent months, I intended to distance my 570S Spider drive but when you get a phone call on a Thursday saying you’re welcome to a car the very next day, and you’ve got a trip to Gerringong planned, it really is impossible to say no.

McLaren 570S Spider

It’s obscenely arrogant to say but christ I’ve gotten comfortable driving these cars. There’s not a single ounce of hesitation anymore. To be fair there hasn’t been for some time, but in McLaren’s case, I feel so at home, cocooned in the Carbon tub, gripping the perfectly designed steering wheel and squeezing every inch of life out of McLaren’s phenomenal twin turbo V8.

McLaren 570S Spider

Come on, you didn’t think I was that arrogant did you?

If I defined ‘every inch of life’ to less than half of the car’s capabilities, then perhaps I could boldly say that I’d pushed the 570S Spider it to its limits. Don’t get me wrong, I gave it a red hot poke through a deserted National Park at 7am on a warm sunny Monday morning, but wow I’d like to see it at the hands of Jenson Button, taming the Anglesey Circuit.

As I said with the 570GT, no one needs and more power than what the 419 kW variant of this engine delivers. McLaren offer it, but no one needs it. While I applauded the practicality of the GT, in retractable roof form, the 570 is at its finest.

McLaren 570S Spider

Emotions run hotter than the serving platter sized carbon ceramics as the unperturbed Spider swallows the road in front of you, ducking, diving, bobbing and weaving to the chorus of a pack of ravenous yet expertly groomed German shepherds – enjoyed tenfold with the wind flicking at my receding hairline.

McLaren 570S Spider

In Sydney, the Yellow 570S Spider turned heads, in sleepy Gerringong, it broke necks. People came from far and wide to catch a glimpse of the banana coloured space object sitting in the street. When we took it over the the bowls club, crowds exited the building to gather and admire while Pete and I sat on the balcony, quietly sipping our middies of Reschs as jubilant teens posed for photos and scoured the surrounding area for its owner.

McLaren 570S Spider

The 570S Spider is nothing short of phenomenal. From spirited squeezes to traipsing around town, there’s not a thing it can’t do well, aside from getting over things. I found it to be the most rewarding and most exciting of the three 570 bodies on offer, I also think it’s the best looking, although I would never get it in Yellow – these cars draw enough attention at it is.

McLaren 570S Spider

With a price tag of $435,750 ($501,644 as tested) the McLaren 570S Spider commands a serious chunk of your cash but when you sit it next to the Ferrari 488 Spider which commands a $200,000 premium before options, you’re fetching yourself a relative bargain, and putting a far rarer beast into your stable.

For more information on the McLaren 570 fam, head to their website.


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