Mansory Aston Martin CYRUS

Mansory have got a serious reputation in the exotic car customisation scene – CYRUS could be the pinnacle of their work thus far. The Mansory Aston Martin CYRUS is based on Aston Martin DBS and is strictly limited to 15 units.

The CYRUS components replace all of the existing body panels are made of extremely light ‘prepreg autoclave carbon’ and do not only include wing extensions for the front and rear, but also side skirt attachments and trims. At the front axle, a redesigned front skirt with enlarged air intakes provides optimal ventilation for the 12-cylinder engine. The front is visually enhanced with the newly designed carbon bonnet slotted with two “power domes” providing additional cool air into the engine bay. The newly developed rear skirt with integrated diffuser emphasises the aggressive look and provides space for one large or four individual stainless steel end pipes of the sonorous sport exhaust system.

Typically Mansory is known for its cosmetic designs, however, the CYRUS comes with a few performance enhancements including a new sports exhaust system, a sports catalytic converter and high performance manifolds. It’s unclear how many have been produced so far but with a cost of €600k plus you can’t imagine they’re running out the door.

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