MAKR Carry Goods

I picked up my first motorbike yesterday and now of course I want to get straight into tinkering and customising it. I’ve had this post sitting waiting for a good moment and thought today was a perfect time to publish it. MAKR is another serious contendor in US handmade industry. Founder and designer Jason Gregory controls almost every aspect of production, both in-house and when produced locally by expert craftsmen. Local production allows Gregory to maintain a stringent quality control and intense manufacturing oversight before final inspection and shipping. MAKR is a classic example of simple designs produced with the highest quality materials available, including exclusive leathers developed by Horween in Chicago. Where wood is incorporated it’s sourced locally from fallen trees whenever possible. MAKR are a respectable brand, they appreciate great design and the finest materials whilst remaining sustainable and handcrafted, it’s a brand you want to support – a far cry from the mass consumed shit we consume every day.

Here’s the MAKR tool roll for DEUS. Whether you have a motorbike or not, any man can appreciate some fine leather, some pouches, some tools and some straps, it’s that simple.

MAKR also produce a host of other lovely accessories. Check the range out on their site.

Pictures from MAKR and Selectism

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