Maison 630 – Luxurious and unique everyday goods

In the two years I’ve been living in Montreal it’s become increasingly difficult to keep track of the number of amazing start-ups and new companies that are reshaping the fashion industry for men in Canada. Maison 630 is one that stands out for me. This company is pioneering a new style in which men accessorise themselves.

Founded in a small workshop by a few gents, Maison 630 just launched a series of carefully handcrafted slim wallets. Each wallet pairs a solid wooden backing with a piece of premium U.S.-produced Horween leather and holds up to five cards (because who needs more?). They are produced in very exclusive and limited batches, making it unlikely you will see an identical one at your next event.

I was fortunate enough to get my hands on one when Maison 630 released their inaugural batch of wallets in June 2014. Four models are currently available, of which I selected The Dante. This particular edition features a piece of Bubinga, a highly-figured red wood, and a pocket of burgundy Chromexcel leather.The sleek, slender final product nests itself perfectly in a jacket or front trouser pocket and has quickly become my favourite everyday essential!

The packaging was also quite impressive, a tell tale sign of a brand that values their image. The wallet arrived in what can be described as an executively-styled cardboard box, draped in fine detailed tags that highlight the craftsmanship and story. The presentation projected the same understated luxury as the wallet itself.

Three weeks later, Maison 630’s wallet has become a staple in my wardrobe. It’s nothing short of spectacular! The simple functionality and minimalist design showcase that it is more than just a wallet but a piece of art.


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