Tips For Maintaining Male Eyebrows

Fellows, can we take a moment to address a topic that clearly isn’t a focus for millennial men – the maintenance of male eyebrows. A number of recent face to face interactions has prompted me to bring to light this concerning, and clearly unattended to, topic.

Is there some apprehension among this generation of males to pluck their eyebrows? Just like your hair, beard or skin, male eyebrows need attention. While they have the slowest rate of hair regrowth on the body, male eyebrows grow at a rate of roughly 0.16mm every day and can grow from the follicle in about 56 days. This means, once plucked you’ve got about 8 weeks to relax until your brow needs attention. It also means for those who don’t pluck their eyebrows, among your brow is a handful of rogue hairs ready to poke out an unsuspecting female, or client’s eye.

David Hemmings Mean Machine Male Eyebrows

David Hemmings’ Mean Machine look clearly an inspiration for a few blokes.

It’s fascinating how many of these stray hairs I’ve witnessed over the past few months,  including on men with perfectly manicured hair. Firstly, you should be asking your barber to give your eyebrows a trim, at least every second haircut, and secondly, a pair of tweezers isn’t a huge investment, nor do they take up a lot of space in your bathroom.

Tweezing your eyebrows not only tames unruly hairs on your nasal bridge, forehead and eyelids, it helps create and maintain their shape and tells people you’re a man who pays attention to detail.

Here are a few tips for maintaining male eyebrows:Tweezers for male eyebrows

  • Choose a sharp, slanted and flat style tweezer which will help you approach smaller and hard to reach hairs from a finer angle. Store them away from other bathroom objects that may be prone to rust or bacteria.
  • Tweeze after a shower or after applying a hot washer to your brow. The warm water opens the follicles and softens hairs, helping them slip out more easily.
  • Don’t overpluck! Focus on removing any strays first and foremost, then look for hairs migrating to the nasal bridge, forehead and eyelids. Step back after a handful of plucks check your progress.
  • Throw a brush or comb your brows each or every second day, it’ll help train the hair and curb potential strays.

It’s time to make eyebrow maintenance a priority and considering a session plucking them takes all of a few minutes, there’s really no excuse for dropping the ball.


James is the Founder and Editor of The Versatile Gent.

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