Lundberg Breuer Cabin

Nestled in the trees, along the Sonoma Coast in California, stands a rather epic cabin featuring a rather epic plunge pool. The Lundberg Breuer Cabin is a fitting addition to its surroundings, built entirely from reclaimed materials with exterior cladding in Redwood and interior walls in Montana Pine. Additional photovoltaics (solar energy) systems continue the sustainable trend and keep the cabin operating at no cost to the owner.

In a former life, the pool acted as a water tank for livestock, and has been modified with a biological wetlands filter. The 14 feet deep by 25 feet wide pool resides on the deck which hangs over the forest below. The cabin also features an custom built firewood holder outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven, tandoori, cooking hearth, and commercial wok range.

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Via Lundberg Design


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