London Fields at the London Hotel

We spend a lot of time at the London Hotel in Paddington and were quite pleased when we found out a cocktail bar was being put in upstairs. London Fields offers a completely different experience to the pub downstairs with a stand alone menu and an impressive cocktail list put together by Mr Robbie…. In a lot of cases when pubs try to introduce ‘fancy’ food and cocktails it comes as more of an afterthought, perhaps something they think they should be doing – thankfully this is not the case with London Fields which runs as a separate business on the 1st floor of the pub. The cocktail list takes center stage at London Fields and focuses on classics with a twist, all made with fresh fruit, fresh juice and exotic ingredients like Feijoa. Robbie is a master, he’s practically worked in every bar in the city and his experience shines through in all of his perfectly balanced concoctions.

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With Robbie at the helm the cocktails were always going to be good, what we were most interested in sampling was the food. The food at London Fields shocked me, not only was it was delicious, it was sized perfectly for sharing and priced very competitively (cheaper than downstairs), on the night we ate a light calamari salad, pork belly and a tender beef cheek – great homestyle cooking. If you’d prefer to pair your beef cheek with a Malbec, not a Martini, the wine list has a number of international options and highlights from southern Australia. London Fields is a great little bar that excels in all aspects, it ads a nice touch to the Paddington area and presents itself as a viable option for a casual meal, a group dinner or a sneaky date paired with a few cocktails.



Images sourced from the good people at London Fields.


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