Logitech Z600 Bluetooth Speakers

With everyday life now consumed by a multitude of handheld devices that play music, the savvy tech consumer requires a system that connects to them all. Enter the Z600, a new bluetooth stereo speaker from Logitech.

From the initial outlay of only $199 to the unpacking, it’s clear from the get go that Logitech have delivered another quality product representing excellent value. The sleek curved speakers come in two contemporary colours that add a touch of Bauhaus charm to your office, lounge or bedroom.


The Logitech Z600 Bluetooth Speakers are powered by an AC adapter and tangle free lay flat cables that link the left and right units. Connecting devices is done primarily via Bluetooth but the system also offers a USB Transceiver and back up Aux input for those without Bluetooth functionality. Operating both the speakers and the Bluetooth function is a breeze with seamless pairing and connectivity for up to eight devices at one time – changing between them is as easy as pressing pause on one device and play on the other.

Sound wise, Logitech have built on their excellent portable offering adding more clarity and a surprising amount of bass. Turning the volume up on the control speaker is done via an intuitive scrolling touch sensor on the top of the unit. With 3 drivers in each speaker, the system delivers room filling sound with superior acoustics for a unit of its size. The sound quality is bang on at $199RRP and as more products like this emerge, it’s hard to understand why brands are bothering developing entry level hi-fi systems, there’s just no need for the external CD/Radio/Amp combo any more.

The Z600 is another solid offering from Logitech who have undoubtedly re-invented themselves as a major player in the category.



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