Logitech UE Boom Portable Speaker

When I was first handed the Logitech UE Boom I was a little worried about the size, it initially appeared much larger than I had imagined. Luckily after slipping off the plethora of packaging that surrounds it, a very manageable sized speaker was revealed.

Everything about the UE Boom is simple, from the design to the interface – only two buttons needed to be pressed before it was synced via Bluetooth with my iPhone and streaming DJ Koze’s Nices Wolkchen (pretty damn well I might ad!). The moment the music began the three of us sitting around the speaker got a bit of a shock, I don’t think any of us were prepared for the sound that came out of the UE Boom.


On. Bluetooth. The only two buttons you need.

The UE Boom is instantly impressive, it has no issue filling a room via it’s ‘360 degree sound’ capabilities, if anything it needs to be turned down a tad. Once it’s turned on syncing it with your phone is a piece of cake, no passwords, no triple clicking of one button followed by a long holding click of another, just one button to press. Charging the unit can be done via a wall unit or a USB cable, which makes it a perfect office or travel accessory.


One of the best things about the UE Boom is that you can have multiple phones connected at the same time allowing you to go track for track with your friends simultaneously. It also functions as a hands free speaker when your phone rings and lets you decide if you’d like to take the call via your handset or out loud. The best thing however is undoubtedly the ability to connect two separate UE Boom units via the free UE Boom app to create left and right stereo sound.


Battery life is a very solid 15 hours – I can’t even imagine in this day in age when you’d be without a USB port or wall socket for 15 hours unless you were camping. If you do find yourself camping, as some may have over the weekend at Splendour in the Grass, the speaker is surrounded by a special skin making it resistant to water, dirt and stains, meaning the mud simply washes off.

The UE Boom is a really impressive piece of kit. I’m no sound engineer but I’m pretty confident this speaker won’t disappoint at $199.95. Whether you’re rocking out to Fleetwood Mac, DJ Koze or Ingrid Michaelson the UE Boom offers a delightful range of sounds to cater to any musical palate.

Logitech have put together a series of humorous ‘Social Experiment’ videos to amplify the UE Boom. Check out the first one below!

For more info head to: http://www.ultimateears.com/en-au

For a full list of retailers visit: http://www.ultimateears.com/en-au/retailers


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