Lindsay Fox Has A Very Serious Car Collection

Lindsay Fox aka Linfox is a seriously wealthy man and you can understand why when you see the highways of Australia littered with trucks stamped with his company’s logo. Lindsay has a serious car collection, and when you’ve got a serious car collection you don’t keep them at your estate, you showcase them in a gorgeous old building in Melbourne and open it to the public so everyone can enjoy your financial success. I popped down to Melbourne not so long ago and took a few snaps of my favourites. His Ferrari selection is second to none with an F40 (which was unfortunately absent when I visited), F50 and F60 (Ferrari Enzo). He also has one of the most extensive collections of Mercedes in the Southern Hemisphere featuring a few Gullwing and mint SL’s. Fox’s collection is vast and varied, he is a real motoring enthusiast and see’s the beauty in all brands across all eras. Here’s a selection of my favourites from the day, including the Ferraris, some key Porsche marques, Jag XJ220 (Which cost $1 Million in Australia when it was released in 1992!) and of course a selection of late 50’s Mercedes.

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