This Leica Q x Globe-Trotter Set-Up Is A Travel Photographer’s Dream

We’d all love a compact Leica for our overseas jaunts, and this particular collaboration between the German camera powerhouse and luxury travel brand Globe-Trotter is no different. The result of this winning combination? The Leica Q Globe-Trotter

This Leica Q Globe-Trotter special design is available for just 50 avid photographers who can justify 6000 euros on such a combination. The tech in the Leica Q is the standard offering – a 24-megapixel sensor and 28mm fixed lens – though the camera body is wrapped in a Globe-Trotter band of either blue or pink leather and is accompanied by a stylish vintage-inspired case.

While the case might be more suited to those who care more about aesthetics than practicality, it sure looks damn good. We wouldn’t mind floating the canals of Venice with one of these slung over our shoulder.

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