Larose Hats Spring Summer 2015

A good hat goes a long way in making you look good. I’ve always been a big fan of a hat – it can be that touch of detail in an outfit that means the rest of your clothing can stay neutral and simple. James recently wrote about his first Panama hat experience, and he hasn’t taken the thing off all summer. If Panama isn’t your thing, then we’ve found the next best – Larose.

Larose is French brand that makes beautifully hand crafted hats, and their latest Spring/Summer 2015 collection is so on point. Whether you’re into broad brimmed, caps, straw or felt, Larose will have something for you. They venture into some fairly out there designs for the more daring, but nail the staples as well. The 2015 collection for them was about channeling a time and a place in certain Italian town.

“We had this picture in our mind of a boy and a girl, very cultured, bourgeois and naturally chic, spending the summer in their family’s house on the Amalfi Coast.”

All the hats are unisex, so don’t get put off by the pastel colours and patterning on some designs, if you think you can nail the look, then get in there and do it. Larose is available for purchase from Up There Store in Melbourne  or online.

And this is just one of their hats that I really love:

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